Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts do far more than give you a comfortable ride. They affect your vehicle’s stopping distance and ultimately your safety. They also play a significant role in tire wear and steering control. Yet they are the most overlooked maintenance item in car repair today. Warning signs include:

  • » Dented or damaged housing
  • » Front end dives when braking
  • » Rear end squats when accelerating
  • » Oil leaks from shocks or struts
  • » Excessive bounce on rough roads
  • » Car veers in side winds
  • » Excessive lean or sway in turns
  • » Uneven tire wear

Worn shocks and/or struts can accelerate the wear of your tires and suspension parts – ball joints, steering linkages, springs and C.V. joints.

Preventative checkups are the key to avoiding the effects of worn shocks and/or struts. You should have your shocks inspected whenever your brakes are inspected – once a year or every 12,000 miles. Don't delay - have your shocks and struts inspected at one of our five conveniently located stores today!